Svolávač for Health Facilities

Svolávač is a calling and informational system that can address many people at once.

The system helps in both critical and ordinary situations. It sends messages and instructions and gathers the feedback.

  • Collectively calls medical staff, hospital employees and patients
  • Scenarios for trauma plans, meetings, rounds, etc.
  • Tool for calling the crisis management team
  • Optional notification of all employees in bulk
  • Function for contacting selected doctors, nurses, and wards
  • Different means of communication: voice, text message, e-mail and PUSH notifications
  • Suitable for all types of devices
  • No need to install anything
Example of Svolávač System

Everything is Done in Just a Few Clicks

The user-friendly settings are easy to complete. In a little while your message is on its way to the recipients.

A System throughout the Hospital

Svolávač is prepared for various scenarios. It was primarily meant as a mass communication tool for crisis management, but it operates perfectly in less-stressful situations.

Svolávač for Hospital Management

Hospital Management

Calls the crisis management

Svolávač for Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and Nurses

Urgent notifications

Svolávač for Hospital Staff

Hospital Staff

Operational issues

Svolávač for Patients and Relatives

Patients and Relatives

Office hours

Advantages of the system

Svolávač delivers information directly to your mobile phone. You can use voice, text message, e-mail and mobile push notifications. Svolávač is quick, easy and reliable.


Svolávač provides an online service that is hosted on the cloud. This increases the reliability of the system.


The system will show you how to create your message in the fastest and easiest way. You can even use templates.


You send the message in just a few clicks. Your recipients receive it immediately on their mobile phones.

The System Run by O2

Svolávač runs in the data centre of O2 Czech Republic Ltd. The company uses the latest and most reliable technology which diminishes the risk of system failure.


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