Svolávač for Firms and Organisations

Svolávač is a calling and informational solution. Svolávač can inform people in bulk; I it then gathers their responses and acts accordingly.

The system can help in both exceptional and everyday situations. Thanks to scenarios prepared in advance it takes very little time to call together a team.

  • Notifies managers, employees, and customers in bulk
  • Includes scenarios for exceptional situations, calls meetings, sends instructions
  • Works as a tool for calling the crisis management team
  • Options of informing all employees en masse
  • Functions for notifying selected groups or teams
  • Informs by voice, text message, e-mails, and mobile PUSH notification
  • For all types of devices
  • No need to install anything
ukázka Svolávače

Everything is Done in Just a Few Clicks

The user-friendly settings are easy to complete. In a little while the message is on its way to the recipients.

The System throughout the Company

Svolávač is prepared for various scenarios. It was primarily meant as a mass communication tool for crisis management, but it operates perfectly in less-stressful situations.

Svolávač pro vedení & lidské zdroje

Management & Human Resources

Calls the crisis management team

Svolávač pro krizové řízení & security

Crisis Management & Security

Urgent Notifications

Svolávač pro IT & provoz

IT & Operation

Operational issues

Svolávač pro zákazníky


Direct notifications

Advantages of the mass notification system

Svolávač delivers information directly to your mobile phone. You can use voice, text message, e-mail and mobile phone notifications. Caller is quick, reliable and easy. It is prepared for many different situations.


Svolávač provides an online service that is hosted on the cloud. This helps the reliability of the system.


The system will show you how to create your message in the fastest and easiest way. You can use templates to make it even quicker.


You send the message in just a few clicks. The recipients receive it on their mobile phones.

The System in Practice

Svolávač in Companies

The system is connected to sensors and buttons
It starts notifying with the push of the SOS button
If the production line stops, it informs the management
In case of fire it starts alarm
In critical situations it calls the crisis management team
Shortens downtime during outages
Takes care of everyday communication


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