SHARP brings first aid faster

The system SHARP helps to shorten time in which people with health problems receive help.

SHARP automatically notifies voluntary rescue workers (First-Responders), who are present in the vicinity of the affected person. First aid can be administered even before the arrival of the ambulance.

  • Shows interventions on the map
  • Looks for the closest help
  • Notifies voluntary rescue workers en masse
  • Enables you to set the form of transport
  • Plans an access route to the scene
  • Offers communication including chat
  • Includes an overview of accessible AED
  • Respects the privacy of the rescue workers
  • SHARP = system of first aid activation in bulk
SHARP in telephone

The Application for the
Voluntary Rescuers: First-Responders

Voluntary rescue workers can see a list of interventions on their telephones. They receive notification, if help is needed in their vicinity.

The System from the Controller’s Point of View

SHARP offers an elaborate interface for controllers, where each intervention is displayed. The system locates the closest voluntary rescue workers. They can be contacted immediately.

SHARP is connected directly to the Information System of Operation Management (ISOR), thanks to which it receives information from emergency lines and the integrated rescue system. Everything is automatically imported and up-graded. You don’t need to complete two different applications.

SHARP on display

Why do we call the system for voluntary rescue workers SHARP? It is an acronym in Czech for the System of First Aid Mass Mobilisation.

Saves time: Saves time

Speed: Speed

Easy to use: Easy to use

SHARP is a Mobile Application and Portal

The system offers tools for both the rescuers and controllers – First-Responders use mobile application, controllers have thing under control thanks to the portal.

Application for the rescue workers

  • Compatible with platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • User-friendly settings
  • Overview of interventions in maps
  • Access route to the scene
  • Privacy of the rescuers
  • Choice of users’ statuses

Portal for the controllers

  • Maps of interventions, including precise localizations of wounded people
  • Voluntary rescue workers and AED overview
  • Automatically searches for the volunteers
  • Option to notify rescuers en masse
  • Chat communication option
  • Navigation of the volunteer to the scene

You May Have Seen the System

SHARP is interesting for a wide range of customers, but also for public. Our solution has been presented in the TV news; you could read about it in the newspapers, or on websites.




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